How We Create Our 3D Landscaping Master Plans

3D Landscaping Master Plans

Professional landscape installation requires detailed designs and consultations to ensure you receive an outdoor area you can love for years to come. Find out how we create 3D landscaping master plans at Design One before our team offers you stunning outdoor features in Michigan.

On-Site Evaluation

We don’t offer cookie-cutter landscaping features that are designed without careful site evaluation. Our 3D landscaping master plans start with a visit to your property. Whether you’re adding a flower bed to enhance your curb appeal or completely recreating your backyard area, an on-site evaluation ensures every component fits your property and personality.

This includes dimensional measurements, but also a detailed inventory and analysis of your site. Existing landscaping features, local climate, soil condition and other elements are included in the evaluation. Soil condition testing in particular can show any steps that need to be taken to prepare your property for the plants, trees, shrubs or hardscape you desire.

Plant Culture Information

Do you know what plants thrive in your local climate in Michigan? Plant culture reports are crucial to helping you connect your soil and your new plant life.

Your property may be ideally suited for a particular tree, shrub or flower species. Other species need a few additions to your soil to thrive. Still, others may be unsuited to your local climate and unable to grow.

Discuss these features with your design team before selecting a flower, tree or bush variety. Understanding the plant culture information helps you make an informed choice that looks great in your local soil, not just on paper. Planting species that can’t survive your weather conditions and don’t have access to the right soil type will quickly fade away and prevent you from receiving your ideal design.

Preliminary Design

After an in-depth analysis and consultation, our talented team creates a 3D rendering. A landscape architect incorporates your design and any unique factors found in the site analysis to create an initial design.

This 3D color design can be turned into a walk-through video to help you visualize your new property. You don’t need to use your imagination to see how a flower bed, water feature or steps will improve the look and value of your property.

Remember that this is a preliminary design. This information is all subject to change. If you see any feature that doesn’t fit your goals or dreams for your home, inform your landscaping team at Design One to alter the plan.

This is your opportunity to include all your dream items in your landscape design. Let your landscape architect know which features are must-haves and which ones you’re more flexible on. Decide whether you have a strict budget or are willing to invest what’s needed to create an unforgettable outdoor area.

3D Landscaping Master Plans

The final alterations are made before you receive a master plan. This is only arrived at after you approve of every design feature. This plan covers all the essential information and design details necessary to kick off the project. It will be much more difficult to alter a plan after work begins, so take your time and ensure the master plan is your dream plan for your outdoor space.

Meeting and Scheduling

Our team at Design One meets with you to move forward with the project. A master plan is the first step, but we provide full-service design and installation services to our local service area. 

Talented landscapers translate the 3D designs into reality. This process can vary in time, so ask about an approximate timeline as you prepare for your outdoor beauty. Once the installation schedule is created, you can prepare to see how a master plan can become a masterpiece.

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