Are Landscape Design Services Worth It?

Landscape layering

Do you want to design a small flower garden, or are you considering changing the look of your entire landscape? Whether landscape design services are worth it depends on the scope and type of project you’re taking on.

If you’re debating on whether or not you should hire a landscaping professional, keep reading this article.

Design Expertise

You have a vision for your landscape, but do you have the tools, time, and skills needed to bring that vision to life? When creating any landscape design, it’s important to set practical expectations. Consulting with a professional landscape designer can help you set these expectations.

Experienced designers can survey and evaluate your property, including areas of sunlight and shade, potential erosion issues, soil composition, and more. They also have established supply networks, and work with experienced, reliable subcontractors and technicians.

Think about how time-consuming and costly a landscaping job could be, especially if it’s not planned out well. Is it worth the cost or risk? Sometimes working with a professional is the best route, especially for big projects.

Preparation & Installation

Landscape designs can look great on paper, but they’re not as easy as they look. For example, when installing a raised vegetable garden, you need a great location for it. What types of vegetables are you trying to grow? How much sun exposure do they need? If you install your garden in the wrong spot, it could cause your plants to become leggy or even burnt.

Landscape styles should also be in unity with your home, neighborhood, and the general environment. There are several pitfalls that DIY landscapers can experience, including overuse of common plants, selecting incorrect sites and soil for plants, and failing to establish proper drainage or irrigation.

Return On Your Investment

Beyond planning, prepping, and installing, return on investment is another factor to consider before taking on a landscaping project or working with a landscape design professional.

A harmonious landscape is not only pleasing to the eye, but can also enhance property values. Over 75% of real estate agents surveyed by Homelight said that well-landscaped homes are worth anywhere between 1% and 10% more than homes that have no landscaping. Additionally, research by Virginia Tech’s Horticulturist, Alex Niemera found that sophisticated landscaping could add 5% to 12% more value to homes on the market as compared to others with basic or poor landscaping.

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) also highlighted in their 2018 Impact Report that homeowners recovered 83% of the total cost of a landscape upgrade.

So, if you’re considering paying for professional landscape design services, but just aren’t sure about the overhead costs, remember how much value you can get in return.

Request Landscape Design Services Today

Ultimately, if you enjoy gardening, there’s no reason why you couldn’t handle certain projects on your own, but a full landscape design upgrade is a different story. This type of project always involves a lot of planning and forethought, and if you’re not experienced, it’s easy to make costly mistakes.

That’s why you should turn to Design One. We’ve offered professional landscape design services to homeowners and businesses in Southeast Michigan for 30 years. Our team can handle all types of landscape design projects, including outdoor kitchen and water feature installations, stonework, and more.

Take a look at our landscaping portfolio to see some of the projects we’ve completed over the years. If you have landscape design ideas and would like a free quote and consultation, please contact us today.

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