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Why a Spring Clean Up is Essential For A Healthy Yard

Why a Spring Clean Up is Essential For A Healthy Yard

Between gusty winds and significant amounts of wet snow, winter in Michigan can be hard on your property. The weather may bring down branches, limbs, and even whole trees. The heavy snow and pounding rain can compact the soil, making it difficult for chemical treatments and fertilizers to reach the plants’ roots. The result is […]

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How Often Should you Mulch your Yard?

How Often Should you Mulch your Yard

We often hear questions about lawn care, such as how often should you mulch. Mulch is not intended to last forever and will break down completely in about five to six years without any intervention. However, it is often preferable to replace your mulch more often. If your primary concern is aesthetics, you might wait […]

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4 Benefits of Mulching Your Yard

Benefits of Mulching Your Yard

While your trees, shrubs and flower beds can survive with only sunlight, soil and water, mulch is a secret ingredient used by many professional landscape companies. Find out why we use mulch at Design One Landscaping and how you can enjoy the benefits of mulching for your residential or commercial property. Benefits of Mulching Your […]

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How We Create Our 3D Landscaping Master Plans

3D Landscaping Master Plans

Professional landscape installation requires detailed designs and consultations to ensure you receive an outdoor area you can love for years to come. Find out how we create 3D landscaping master plans at Design One before our team offers you stunning outdoor features in Michigan. On-Site Evaluation We don’t offer cookie-cutter landscaping features that are designed […]

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Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

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The benefits of fertilizing your lawn. Lawn fertilization has three main elements; nitrogen, phosphate and potash (potassium), on the outside of fertilizer bags, there are three numbers. For example, a bag with 15-15-15 on the outside means that the fertilizer mix has equal percentages of each. Nitrogen is the element that gives the lush green […]

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Bed-Edging Your Lanscape Using some kind of bed-edging to the flower beds of the landscape allow for proper spacing and keeping the planting beds contained from the lawn. There are many different kinds of edging materials that are offered. Homeowners can choose from a natural, aluminum, black diamond or brick bed-edging for there planting beds. […]

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