Low Maintenance Landscaping in Michigan

lawn maintenance services

Every landscape requires some maintenance, but some landscapes require a large amount of the property owner’s time and hard work to maintain its pristine condition. Of course, vegetable gardens and fruit-bearing trees are high maintenance. But, so are lawns with plants or grass species that are not native to the northeast United States. For the […]

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Landscaping Return on Investment

As homeowners, you should always consider which home improvement projects will bring about the best return on your investment when the home is sold. Landscaping is a huge part of a home’s aesthetic appeal, especially since it is the very first thing visitors will experience. A healthy and vibrant landscape should be balanced to fit […]

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Stone Patio Ideas for Michigan Homeowners

Landscape stone can cover multiple functions on a residential or commercial property. Stone gravel is a great way to improve drainage around a house while also adding visual contrast with the lawn. The heavy stone can be used to outline pathways on the property, while stone pavers are a great foundation for patios. There are […]

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Style vs Time, How to Keep Up with Change

Your landscaping can have a big impact on your home’s curb appeal and value. Landscape maintenance is an important part of making sure your lawn or yard always looks its best. With landscape trends changing all the time, this gives you a great way to update your landscaping on a regular basis while keeping it […]

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When is it Time to Remodel Your Landscape

Remodeling Your Landscape Can Improve Your Home Your home’s landscaping can make a significant impact on not only its visual appeal but also its market value. An updated landscape design can help your home to look its best, throughout the year. You may be wondering is it time to remodel your landscape design. Here are […]

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Winterizing Water Features

Are you looking to winterize the water feature? If so, you need to work with professionals who have done this before. That is where we can assist you. We are Design One, and it would be our pleasure to help you protect your water features. With the temperatures starting to drop outside, it is important […]

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Increasing Your Home Value With an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen area

For years, families have looked to outdoor living spaces as a creative way to expand their homes while making the most out of the home’s natural environment. Of these additions, the outdoor kitchen has become especially popular due to its versatility and its monetary advantages.   Are Outdoor Kitchens Worth the Investment?  Some shy away from […]

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Why Picking Up Fall Leaves Is Important

Fall Leaf Pile

When autumn leaves start to litter the ground, it’s tempting to leave them there. They add colorful flair to your home, creating a striking scene, and usually aren’t harmful to your lawn. There are, however, some instances in which picking up fall leaves is necessary to ensure your yard remains in optimal condition.   Benefits of […]

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Creating Depth by Layering Plants and Hardscape Features

Landscape layering

Creating Depth by Layering Plants and Hardscape Features Creating a beautiful garden is no small task, but it isn’t as tricky as it sounds. Landscape layering, which encourages gardeners to mix and match plants strategically to produce an organic layout, is a simple design principle that helps amateur landscapers achieve their dream scenery. If you’re […]

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Color for All Seasons: Planting for Four-Season Interest

Fall Landscaping House

If you want your garden to really make a statement, consider committing to four-season planting. Though planning for four seasons requires more work, the payoff is a landscape that never looks bare or spotty when the seasons change.   How To Create a Four-Season Garden Choose Regional Favorites  Choosing plants that flourish in your region’s particular […]

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