lawn maintenance services

Lawn Fertilization

The benefits of fertilizing your lawn. Lawn fertilization has three main elements; nitrogen, phosphate and potash (potassium), on the outside of fertilizer bags, there are three numbers. For example, a bag with 15-15-15 on the outside means that the fertilizer mix has equal percentages of each. Nitrogen is the element that gives the lush green […]

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Mulch benefits Mulching has the ability to be essential to the survival of your landscape during a drought. Mulch will reduce the amount of water that evaporates from your soil, greatly reducing your need to water your plants. Improves the quality of your soil by breaking up clay and allowing better water and air movement […]

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Full Landscape Design

Design One Landscape Design Here at Design One, we are very professional and proficient at getting you the landscape you want to beautify your home. The many years of experience our designers and labors have is unequaled in quality. Which ever key aspect you are looking for in your landscape from, boulder work, brick patio, […]

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Brick Paving & Patios

Brick Paving & Patios Design One Brick Paving When it comes to installing a beautiful patio, grill or waterfall. Design One has the experience and the eye for the job, you are looking to be completed. We devote our time to examining every detail so that when you are presented with the design, you feel […]

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Bed-Edging your landscape. Using some kind of bed-edging to the flower beds of the landscape allow for proper spacing and keeping the planting beds contained from the lawn. There are many different kinds of edging materials that are offered. Homeowners can choose from a natural, aluminum, black diamond or brick bed-edging for there planting beds. […]

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Enhancing Your Outdoor Environment

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