Landscape Designs to Impress: How to Stand Out in Your Neighborhood

Single family home with large mowed lawn and beautiful landscaping

A well-manicured, green, and lush lawn isn’t enough for today’s homeowners. More homeowners now want a unique, low-maintenance landscape design that accentuates their style and improves functionality. If you’re looking for ways to improve your existing landscape, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic elements of landscape design. In this article, we’ll cover what […]

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Maximizing Your Landscaping ROI: A Comprehensive Guide

Professional landscaping design in front of large home

Property value is important for taxation, insurance, financial planning purposes, and, of course, listing a home on the market. For many homeowners, determining what affects property value can be confusing. According to Homelight, many factors increase or decrease property value, including, but not limited to, property size, age and condition of the home, the location […]

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3 Common Challenges With Stone Landscaping

Stone landscaping path in a garden

Stone landscaping offers homeowners a unique aesthetic that feels fresh and natural while solving challenging issues like soil erosion. Stone is also low-maintenance—once installed, it won’t need to be annually pruned or removed like ground cover or mulch.  Although stone can be a great addition to your landscape, installing them can have its challenges.  Challenge […]

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4 Benefits of Hiring Professional Hardscape Contractors

Landscaping worker contractor using plate compactor

Collaborating with experienced hardscape contractors is critical when installing valuable exterior amenities, like an outdoor kitchen, brick fire pit, retaining walls, and water features. Making mistakes during landscaping and hardscaping projects can result in significant financial losses, among other repercussions. Working with a professional can help you avoid costly mistakes while offering several benefits. Read […]

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The Best Hardscaping Ideas for This Summer

A stone retaining wall in a landscaped garden

Keeping your grass tight, trees cropped, and flowers popping all matter. But, installing an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, retaining walls, or meditative water features can transform your property and make it much more enjoyable, attractive, and functional.  In this article, we’ll explore our favorite summer hardscape ideas that are sure to convert your outdoor […]

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5 Essential Summer Landscaping & Lawn Care Tips

Big Garden Grass Field Mowing by Gardener

For many people, summertime is synonymous with vacation, warmth, and fun, but for homeowners and gardeners, it means hot, hot heat with no rain. When your yard isn’t maintained in the summer, grass will yellow and die, flowers will wilt, and, most frustratingly, vegetables and other crops dry out.  Beat the heat (and lack of […]

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Outdoor Fireplace Versus Fire Pit: Which Option is Best for You?

Outdoor fire pit

Outdoor Fireplace Versus Fire Pit: Which Option is Best for You? Outdoor remodeling projects have been on the rise since 2022. Outdoor living projects are ideal because they allow homeowners to extend their usable space for a fraction of the cost. One easy and affordable upgrade homeowners can make is installing an outdoor fireplace or […]

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What to Know When Installing a New Brick or Stone Walkway

Garden stone path with grass growing up between the stones

Installing a new walkway can dramatically enhance any property’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. However, it can be a challenging project to take on, especially if you have no prior experience in brick or stone installations. In this guide, we’ll give you expert tips and advice on the primary aspects you need to consider when planning […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Install an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen area

More and more homeowners are looking into the benefits of expanding their usable outdoor space. One project that has regained popularity is outdoor kitchen installations. Outdoor kitchens are great additions for spring, summer, and fall; if the outdoor kitchen is enclosed, they can even be great additions for winter. If you enjoy eating outside but […]

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Building a New Patio? Here’s What You Should Know

Brick patio of suburban home

Constructing a new patio is a great solution for increasing usable outdoor space, and it can even boost your property value. However, it’s crucial to develop a well-thought-out strategy before you tackle this type of project. In this guide, we’ll cover important factors you need to consider during the planning phase, including material selection, design […]

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