Stonework & Water Feature Ideas for Your Garden

An artificial waterfall running into a pond

Specially designed stonework and water features are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also incredibly functional. Some benefits of adding hardscaping or water features include eliminating grading or pooling water, increasing privacy, and reducing the amount of lawn maintenance needed.  In this article, we’ll cover various types of stonework and water features you could add to […]

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A Guide to Fertilizing Your Lawn Throughout the Year

Gardener with Push Spreader Fertilizing Grass Lawn

Lawn fertilizing isn’t a one-and-done task. In fact, it should be done at least five or six times every year because fertilizers only provide nutrients for about four weeks. Without fertilizer, soil can’t regenerate essential minerals and nutrients vital to grass growth. Lawn fertilization also helps keep fungi, beetles, grub worms, and other pests from […]

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5 Fall Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

raking fallen leaves from backyard lawn

When fall arrives, your grass doesn’t go dormant. In fact, cool-season grass doesn’t actually go dormant until the temperature consistently remains at 45 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. What actually happens during the fall is that grass roots absorb and retain as many nutrients as possible to ensure better growth in the spring. This is why […]

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Gardening 101: How to Prevent Bugs from Eating Your Roses This Year

Woman pruning rose bush outdoors

Ask any gardening enthusiast what gives them nightmares once their rose bushes or vines are blooming and they will inevitably answer without hesitation: BUGS. Fortunately, there are excellent, eco-friendly methods that can stop bugs from destroying your rose bushes. However, the first step in stopping these rose-munching insects is to identify the type of bug […]

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Lawn Maintenance Guide: How to Get the Greenest Yard This Summer

Lawn mower on fresh green lawn

Homeowners love to see their drab winter lawn transformed by the summer sun. While grass needs sunlight and water to flourish, summer heat, diseases, and drought can interfere with its ability to stay healthy. In this edition of our lawn maintenance series, we’re going to highlight several tactics you can use to achieve a healthier, […]

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When Should You Install an Outdoor Water Feature?

beautiful landscaping with plants and flowers

Are you looking for ways to enhance your backyard? Adding a water feature in your backyard is the perfect solution for homeowners wanting a beautiful and peaceful spot to relax in. In fact, past studies have shown that “blue waterscapes,” like rivers and lakes, can actually reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. If you don’t own […]

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Gardening 101: Keeping Your Garden Healthy in the Summer

Gardener planting plants in the summertime

Gardening can be an incredibly healing and rewarding hobby. You get to track and see the results of your hard work, save money on groceries (if you’re growing fruits and vegetables), and you can even add a splash of color to your lawn! At the same time, there are many frustrating factors that can threaten […]

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Lawn Care Guide: Composting & Mulching Leaves

Gloved hand picking up mulch between lettuce plants

When it comes to lawn care, one of the most frustrating (and time-consuming) projects is dealing with autumn leaves. There are many ways that you can handle leaves—raking, mulching, and even composting. But which solution is best for your yard? In this edition of our lawn care guide series, we’ll discuss each method in detail, […]

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