How To Enhance Your Property With Landscaping Lighting

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Whether you just want to liven up your front yard or you’re ready to put your house on the market, enhancing your curb appeal is a vital first step. In addition to looking good, a beautiful front yard can bring in more potential buyers and even increase the value of your home. Though there are many ways to spruce up your exterior, landscaping lighting is the underrated key to enhancing your property.

Landscape Lighting Expands Your Yard

When your yard remains fully lit into the evening hours, you’re no longer confined to the interior of your home after dark. Even the simple addition of string lights on the porch or solar bulbs along your pathways make your exterior suitable for outdoor hangouts.

If you love being outdoors, better lighting can even allow you to create an outdoor version of some of the most frequently used rooms in your home. An outdoor kitchen and dining area, for example, is perfect for chefs who love to grill or for household members who simply enjoy taking their meal breaks in nature.

Landscape Lighting Provides Safety

Adequate outdoor lighting is crucial to maintaining your home’s safety. Landscape lighting is especially beneficial to help deter break-ins, as well as guide residents who frequently arrive home after dark with no lights to guide them safely indoors.

Home invasions are, unfortunately, a fact of life, but lighting up the exterior of your home is a simple way to reduce your chances of attracting intruders. Widespread lighting makes it difficult for people to sneak around your yard without being seen, especially if your home is surrounded by woods or shrubbery that offer coverage to would-be robbers.

If you find yourself turning on your cellphone flashlight every time you arrive home after dark, it may be time to investigate pathway lighting options. Even young and healthy household members can become injured in a fall, but tripping, especially on a hard surface, is often detrimental to the elderly. Ample lighting that brightens walkways is an easy way to decrease the chances of residents or visitors falling victim to a slip-and-fall accident.

Landscape Lighting Can be Connected to Your Smart House

You don’t have to be a technology buff to use a smart home lighting system. With a few clicks, you can light up your entire exterior, or you can arrange different zones for your lighting if you prefer to illuminate only the necessary areas. Not only does this make outdoor living easier to both achieve and maintain, but it does so at a nearly negligible cost.

Smartphone-controlled lighting is an increasingly popular smart house feature, and not only within the house’s walls. Outdoor lighting is just as easily controlled via phone and is, in many ways, far more convenient, as outdoor light switches and plugs are not always easy to access. You can also set up zones, which essentially function as individual rooms outside.

If you like the idea of outdoor living but hesitate to dedicate money toward it, then have no fear: Landscape lighting is actually affordable. LEDs and other energy-efficient lights usually add no more than a few dollars to the monthly power bill. Although more expensive to install, solar lights often save money in the long run because of the minimal power costs.


Landscaping lighting can add dramatic value, safety, and functionality to your home, and at Design One, we can help you achieve that at the touch of a button. Our specialists offer consultations for the DIY homeowners and installation services for more involved projects. No matter your style, our team is ready to help your home meet its landscape lighting goals.

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