Increasing Your Home Value With an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen area

For years, families have looked to outdoor living spaces as a creative way to expand their homes while making the most out of the home’s natural environment. Of these additions, the outdoor kitchen has become especially popular due to its versatility and its monetary advantages.  

Are Outdoor Kitchens Worth the Investment? 

Some shy away from developing outdoor spaces out of concern that they won’t add much to a home’s overall value. On the contrary, outdoor living has become increasingly important to homeowners, and outdoor kitchens are among the most popular expansions.  

The cost of building an outdoor kitchen depends on several factors, such as the quality of your desired appliances, cabinetry, countertops, and hardware. The magnitude of your proposed installation is equally important, as a modest wet bar won’t cost nearly as much as a full kitchen. No matter the style or size you prefer, an outdoor kitchen can work for any budget.   

Exterior kitchens also give families a chance to spread out, enjoy each other’s company, and experiment with particular meals. The average indoor kitchen, for example, cannot accommodate full-size grills, smokers, or pizza ovens; however, these appliances are perfect for outdoor kitchens, offering an exciting new way to prepare your favorite foods. Investing in an outdoor cooking space is ideal for those interested in making their living space more emotionally valuable as well as functional. Consider enhancing your property with landscaping lighting to add to the atmosphere of your outdoor kitchen.

How Much Value Does an Outdoor Kitchen Add? 

According to experts, the return on investment for adding an outdoor kitchen to your home ranges from 100% to 200%, and this number could grow even higher. Nearly half of all homeowners already have an outdoor cooking space, and another quarter plan to install one soon. 

Outdoor living is especially popular in warmer climates where families can enjoy the space all year long. This truth doesn’t prevent cooler regions from joining the fun, though. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are viable options for those who need an extra dose of warmth to maintain an outdoor lifestyle through the chilly fall and winter months. Nevertheless, location can affect the exact value of your renovation. 

Should I Install an Outdoor Kitchen? 

Creating a new part of the home is valuable for more than just fiscal reasons. Adding rooms outside also contributes to the improvement of your property as well as your well-being.  

They Make Your Home Bigger  

It doesn’t matter if the room you add to your home is outside. The addition increases the overall size of your house and extends your cooking capacity. The extra space allows your family to cook together without crowding into a compact, walled-in area.  

Another perk to having a place to gather outside is better entertaining. Outdoor kitchens make excellent hang-out spots for friends and extended family to gather. The ability to prepare snacks and beverages outside limits the need to head inside whenever someone needs food or drink. 

They Make You Happier and Healthier  

The benefits of being outside are uncontested. From better mental health to improved executive functioning, the rewards of spending more time in nature make your new space even more inviting.  

Getting outside can encourage a more active lifestyle, which benefits your physical health and mental health. More outside time is advantageous for children who need an outlet for excess energy. Having the entire family come together for meals also encourages conversations and bonding. Consider adding a fire feature to your backyard for another comfortable outdoor experience!


Installing an outdoor kitchen is an ideal way to add to your home and increase the value of your life and your property. Regardless of how much you want to spend, Design One can walk you through the process of expanding your house and your life. Request a free estimate on our website today!

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