Landscaping With Natural Stone

natural stone steps

When redesigning your outdoor oasis, natural stone can be a beautiful option that lasts for years to come. Taking advantage of the great variation in the material, our professional landscapers use different kinds and cuts of natural stones for a variety of creative outdoor design projects. 


One way to make natural stone a focal point of your design project is to use it functionally. Larger pieces can be installed to construct natural stone steps in your space. Due to the natural texture of stone, such steps are flatter and safer to walk on than uneven ground. Natural stone steps also add a beautiful architectural focal point to any outdoor area. 


If you sweat at the thought of weeding, a natural stone walkway is a great alternative to a path made from materials that allow weeds to eke back through to the sunlight. Stones can be arranged tightly and filled in between for a near weed-free walkway. Leaving space in between adds a bit of old-world feel by allowing moss or ground cover to peek through the gaps between the natural stone walkway. 


Natural stone can be placed according to preference on patios and outdoor pool surroundings. A natural stone patio is smooth on the feet, withstands high traffic areas, and absorbs moisture. Thanks to the variety in stone colors, shapes, and sizes, your natural stone patio can also be built to spec by our skilled designers with your personal flair intact. When consulting with our professional landscapers, ask about options on how to arrange different kinds of stone.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a fantastic addition to outdoor areas already utilizing natural stone or even as a new addition. Let our professionals install a retaining wall that matches other natural stones you have. In backyards with walkways and steps made from natural stone, a wall made from the same materials adds a more cohesive, natural look to your entire design. More importantly, retaining walls do the important job of keeping soil and flora exactly where they are supposed to be, saving you time and money. 

Fire & Water Features

Natural stone fireplaces and firepits add a rustic element to your outdoor space. The firepit can be encompassed by stones, making for an overall safer s’mores roast. Natural stone is heat absorbent and resistant and can withstand repeated high heat use for years to come. Our professionals make the firepit installation quick and easy and ready for you to enjoy.

Fountains provide spa-like sounds and scenery. Our designers can work with your existing space to complement your style. Using natural stone for your fountain adds a splash of rustic elegance. Natural stone absorbs moisture and can withstand repeat traffic, such as constantly running water, as well as extreme hot and cold temperatures from being outdoors.

Ponds are another water feature prized in landscaping. When designing or resurfacing the area around a pond, the purpose is key. Professional consultants can answer any placement questions you have. Spacing stones with large gaps between them to encourage moss is popular in pond design. Natural stone is excellent at absorbing moisture and keeping nearby soil and plants from either migrating over or eroding the pond’s edges. 


Whether you’re covering a surface that you have already designed or completely redesigning your outdoor space, natural stone is an attractive and low-maintenance addition. Long-lasting, water-absorbent, and able to withstand the high traffic of frequent backyard get-togethers, natural stone is an eye-catching and economic choice. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the creative requests from backyard enthusiasts and the versatility of natural stone in landscaping design projects. Fill out our request a quote form to get in touch with a member of our design team!

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