Redesigning Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen area

Outdoor kitchens provide an excellent space for families to spend time outside together. These spaces usually have more features than a typical barbecue grill set and seating area, as they may also incorporate refrigerators, coolers, pizza ovens, counters, islands, and sinks. If you’re working on an outdoor kitchen design for your space, keep reading this article. We’ll discuss some of the factors you should consider as you plan your outdoor kitchen space.

Types of Stone

Since you can’t avoid the elements, you should design your outdoor kitchen with weather-resistant materials, like stone or brick. These materials can withstand most inclement weather without experiencing significant wear and tear. Stone and brick can also handle the heat generated from hot grills, stoves, and baking pans.

Many stones that are used for outdoor kitchens include quartzite, marble, and granite. These stones withstand high temperatures and are not as susceptible to stains and scratches. Additional stone options may include sandstone, slate, soapstone, or basaltina.

Always select a hard stone that can withstand chipping, stains, and scratches. Also understand that some stone types, including marble, basaltina, and sandstone usually require sealing due to their porous surface, and soapstone will need to be oiled.


The customization options for patio kitchens are limitless. What you may incorporate into your patio kitchen design will be dependent on the size of the patio, the types of meals that you plan to cook, how often you will use the space, and your budget. Always keep in mind that you do not want to go overboard with customizations if you plan to rarely use the kitchen. Here are some elements you may want to add into your outdoor kitchen design:

  • Grills: Grills are the ultimate backyard appliance. The grill may be standalone or incorporated into the counter space.
  • Ovens: Ovens are versatile and allow you to cook side dishes, bake desserts, and keep meals warm until you are ready to serve food to family and guests.
  • Storage: When creating your outdoor grilling station ideas, you should always consider storage. Storage spaces can hold utensils, pots, pans, fire starters, cleaning supplies, and other items.
  • Water Access: Many people consider placing in types of water access, including sinks and water dispensers. Incorporating these elements in your kitchen allows for easy washing of dirty pans or to provide clean drinking water.
  • Fire Pits: Fire pits create an elegant and relaxing atmosphere. Keep in mind to place the fire pit in the right location to prevent smoke from blowing into the dining area.
  • Seating: Be sure to design appropriate and comfortable seating for your family and guests. Choose strong and sturdy furniture that can withstand the elements.


Designing an outdoor kitchen can provide numerous benefits to homeowners. First, it allows you to extend your livable spaces into the outdoors. Some outdoor kitchens even feature doors that lead into the home’s main kitchen, living room, or dining room spaces. Lastly, outdoor kitchens can increase the overall property value of a home.

Design Your Outdoor Kitchen Today

If you’re designing an outdoor kitchen, you may feel overwhelmed by all of the choices that are available to you. That’s why you should turn to our team at Design One. For over three decades, we’ve helped homeowners in Michigan turn their patio kitchen ideas into practical designs.
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