Selecting a Landscaping Company in Michigan

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While we all love having a well-maintained landscape, sometimes it’s hard to find the time, energy, and equipment to get the job done. That’s why most homeowners eventually decide to work with a professional landscaping company.

If you’re searching for the right landscaping company in Michigan, keep reading this article. We’ll cover what you should be looking for during your search, and what you need to know before hiring any company.


Most landscapers specialize in certain areas. So, before you start your search, you need to know the scope of the landscaping project you have in mind, and do a full assessment of your needs and expectations. Some bigger companies may specialize in multiple areas, including gardening, outdoor kitchen installations, lighting, water features, and more. Determine if you need one or multiple specialties and hire accordingly.

Licensure & Insurance

Your yard is a critical part of your home. You want to ensure that the landscaper you hire is licensed and insured. Before you hire any landscaper, you will want to learn more about their insurance policy. Insurance helps protect you, your family, and your home from damages that could occur during a landscaping project.

You should also ask about their licenses, certifications, and potentially any professional memberships. The types of licenses they need will depend on what you are hiring the landscaper to do. In general, landscapers in Michigan do not need a state-issued license, but they will need a certification from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for pesticide applications.

In general, it’s never bad if a landscaper has multiple licenses, even if they aren’t required by law.

Review Portfolio

Before you fully commit to hiring a landscaper, check their website or online portfolio for images of previous projects. Ideally, you want to check before and after photos and read reviews. These resources can help you determine whether the company is experienced enough or not.

In addition to viewing any images, you should also look into their reviews, whether on Google, Angi, or Yelp. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can also call the landscaping company for referrals or references, and assess how they respond to this inquiry.

While it’s never a bad idea to turn to a business that has been around for decades, don’t ignore new companies either. Up-and-coming companies may already have a certified and insured crew with many years of combined industry experience.

Communication & Timeline

Landscaping projects usually take a few weeks, but some may need more time. Be sure to work with a company that is transparent about the number of projects they’re currently working on and how long these projects will take. Your landscaper should also communicate with you during every step of your project, especially when project milestones have been completed.

Design One Is a Leading Landscaping Company in Michigan

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