Stone Patio Ideas for Michigan Homeowners

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Landscape stone can cover multiple functions on a residential or commercial property. Stone gravel is a great way to improve drainage around a house while also adding visual contrast with the lawn. The heavy stone can be used to outline pathways on the property, while stone pavers are a great foundation for patios.

There are many stone patio ideas Michigan that will use economical stone materials to extend your living space into the outdoors. The key is selecting the right stone material for the application and the right stone colors to enhance the personality of your landscape.

What is a Good Stone for a Patio?

When constructing a gravel patio or garden seating area, the best selection of stone patio ideas for Michigan include types that look and feel soft. Patio stone gravel is a natural stone material available in a wide assortment of mixtures to meet any budget, accentuate any landscape, and hold up under heavy foot traffic.

No matter which stone you choose for your patio, make sure you have a sturdy soil foundation that is not soft or spongy. And, make sure the stone gravel is level at the yard’s surface and at least 4 inches deep. Here are some considerations for choosing a good decorative stone for your patio:

  • Stone color – You can choose to coordinate your patio stone with other colors on the property such as white and light gray gravel for a white house. Or go bold, and contrast a deep brown or black pea gravel stone color. White drain rock is beautiful around flower beds, while a light pea-colored gravel can make the perfect walking path.
  • Stone shape – Crushed stone can be round, angular, or decomposed into a finer gravel mixture. Angular gravel stays compacted together better, but may be uncomfortable to walk on. Round stone is best for children’s areas and while it does shift more, it is easier to walk on.
  • Coarse, Fine or Pea gravel – Three-quarters inch gravel is best for patios and walking trails, but pea gravel can be more graceful and elegant and may fit better with traditional home architecture. Coarse gravel is best for drainage and around flower beds, while the finest of gravel can be used in ways similar to mulch.

Crushed stone is also used as a base for other stone work within landscapes and can be a dry layer foundation for stone paver or brick patio surfaces.

How Much Does it Cost to Put in a Stone Patio?

Stone pavers and gravel areas can actually increase the value of your home because these areas are not only attractive, but they create a versatile and low maintenance space. When adding paver stones to a new landscape and garden project, you can expect a 7% or more return on your landscape investment.

A stone patio effectively increases the usable living space of the home, extending the interior into the great outdoors. In addition to creating a low maintenance surface, stone patio ideas Michigan can make this seamless living space even more attractive by adding a covering and lighting, comfy seating, and a fire pit.

The approximate cost to install a stone patio and walks depends on the size of the area, the type of stone pavers and gravel selected, and other patio amenities you choose. According to, you can expect to pay between $1,879 – $5,378 or $8 to $20 per square foot for a new stone patio.

Types of Stone Patios

Stone patio ideas for Michigan range from unfinished flagstone that looks and feels natural and organic to smooth Travertine (a type of limestone) that imbues an elegant and polished look that is perfect for covered patio areas.

If you desire visual excitement, consider mixing the bold and dramatic veining of a marble fire pit with a textured stone patio surface. Textured stone can range from a rough to a lightly raised surface, and is perfect for patio areas with seating.

Gravel and pavers can be found in soft, nuanced shades of pinks, grays, and tans that can create an almost desert-like atmosphere similar to Arizona landscapes. A brick house with a large, pink patio stone surface adds a cohesive and well-balanced look to the property.

There are many types of stone pavers that are classified by the material, including:

  • Granite, marble, or limestone pavers
  • Crushed stone or loose fill stone
  • Travertine Pavers
  • Pea Gravel and stone dust
  • Bluestone and Brownstone
  • Brick or concrete

Don’t stop at the patio when considering gravel or paver stone surfaces. Natural or engineered stone pavers are also highly desirable for pool decks, driveways, walkways, fire pits, and plant container areas.

Stone Patios Brought to you By Design One

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