Bricks & Stonework

When it comes to installing a beautiful patio, grill or fireplace, Design One has the experience and the eye for the job. From walkways to limestone and edging, we can make your lawn complete. We devote our time to examining every detail so that when you are presented with the design, you feel confident that the job will be done with ease and grace.

Our brick and stonework techniques can be incorporated into any sized lawn. We’ll work with you to organize the perfect look. You can see our designs before they’re implemented, so you know exactly what your landscaping will look like before we get to work. Complement your already well-manicured lawn by adding a touch of stone and brickwork.

patio brick landscaping


Our dedicated designers have years of experience along with the knowledge to smoothly help you imagine what you want for your future patio. Deciding to build a new patio is an investment, not only into your home, but in yourself. An elegant and peaceful atmosphere is what everyone dreams of when having the time to relax outside the home.
steps brick landscaping

Steps, Boulders & Limestone

Using various stones in your landscaping design can do wonders for your yard. Natural stone is one of the many beautiful ways to add to your landscaping. It’s long lasting, and extremely affordable. There are so many different ways to rearrange stones along your property. Add a focal point and some much-needed texture to your lawn!
walkway brick landscaping


Who knew walkways could be so different? We can create the most unique path for your landscaping. From different designs, to different sized and colored bricks, you can have the walkway that works best for your lawn. A straight path or a winding curve? It’s simple when you have the professionals design and install everything for you!
firepit brick landscaping

Fire Features, Fireplaces & Firepits

Imagine have the perfect patio—but being able to make full use of it during the evenings. We can install multiple different fire features, including fireplaces and firepits. Our installations are completely safe and reliable. We will go over the proper usage and the proper care to ensure your fire feature lasts a long time, through many wonderful uses!
brick landscaping

Bricks on Edge

Brick edging has many positives, and is by far the best way to show the border between the bed and the lawn. It also requires less maintenance than the other materials that can be used. Brick can also weather the crazy, various Michigan environments. The expense of brick, compared to other edging options, is worth the low-maintenance and beautification that it offers.
outdoor kitchen brick landscaping

Outdoor Kitchens

You already have your dream patio. What could make it even better? How about a built-in outdoor kitchen? We can create and customize built-in grills and coolers to encompass all of your backyard barbequing and hosting needs. Be the ultimate summer party spot. Your guests and neighbors will be in awe after they see what an outdoor kitchen can do for your patio.

Enhancing Your Outdoor Environment

We offer complete landscaping solutions including design, installation, and maintenance

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