Lawn Maintenance

10 Ways You Can Save On Water This Summer

A sprinkler spraying water on a lawn during the day time, causing a rainbow effect

Although April showers bring May flowers, summer often brings nothing but heat and drought. Keeping your plants blooming and crops thriving typically means constant watering, which is expensive and time-consuming. If you want both your plants and wallet to be happy this summer, check out our favorite water-saving tips below. 1. Incorporate Ollas or Watering […]

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5 Essential Summer Landscaping & Lawn Care Tips

Big Garden Grass Field Mowing by Gardener

For many people, summertime is synonymous with vacation, warmth, and fun, but for homeowners and gardeners, it means hot, hot heat with no rain. When your yard isn’t maintained in the summer, grass will yellow and die, flowers will wilt, and, most frustratingly, vegetables and other crops dry out.  Beat the heat (and lack of […]

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Lawn Care Guide: Composting & Mulching Leaves

Gloved hand picking up mulch between lettuce plants

When it comes to lawn care, one of the most frustrating (and time-consuming) projects is dealing with autumn leaves. There are many ways that you can handle leaves—raking, mulching, and even composting. But which solution is best for your yard? In this edition of our lawn care guide series, we’ll discuss each method in detail, […]

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