What Are Hardscapes in Landscaping?

outdoor brick walkway

Think of your favorite botanical garden or your city’s prettiest outdoor park. Picture the paved trails that lead off into quiet, wooded areas. Envision the stone benches that line those pathways and the softly trickling fountains that drown out the sounds of local traffic. These elements are all hardscapes, or manmade features, that bring both […]

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Your Complete Guide to Michigan Lawn Fertilizers

Man fertilizing a lawn

Getting your lawn green, lush and healthy is one thing. Keeping it this way is another. Lawn fertilizers can help you maintain a healthy yard in multiple ways. One, fertilizers deliver essential nutrients like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, which are essential root development. And two, fertilizers can help limit weed growth. But, despite its benefits, […]

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What to Consider When Designing a Walkway This Summer

landscaping rock walkway

Hardscapes, like walkways, are a great way to enhance your home’s landscaping and curb appeal. But, these types of design and installation projects require a lot of planning. From materials and styles to your overall budget, these are the top four factors that you need to think about when planning your walkway design. Budget You […]

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Top 3 Factors to Consider Before Installing Water Features in Your Backyard

Waterfall and stone creek water feature

From serene bubblers to attractive ponds, water features can improve any backyard landscaping design. Water features can add value to your home or commercial property, improve air quality, reduce noise pollution, and create a beautiful, relaxing environment. But, just like any landscaping project, you need to plan ahead. If you’re thinking about installing a water […]

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Low-Maintenance Landscaping Design Ideas for Michigan Homeowners

Luxury house exterior with backyard

You don’t need us to remind you of the importance of first impressions. Whether you’re building a new home or re-landscaping an existing one, a big part of boosting curb appeal is ensuring that your landscaping is top-notch. But contrary to what you may think, landscaping doesn’t have to be high maintenance. In this post, […]

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Landscape Design Ideas for Sloped Yards

stone and boulder landscaping

Landscaping on a slope can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Soil erosion and even the difficulty of traversing the area must be taken into account when choosing and installing plants, hardscaping, and other features. In this article, we’ll cover the three best landscape design ideas for sloped yards and how you can bring […]

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Redesigning Your Retaining Wall

retaining wall construction from expanded clay blocks

Retaining walls are a great way to stabilize your yard and improve your livable space. However, coming up with great retaining wall ideas can be a difficult process. If you’re curious about what’s involved in the design process for retaining walls, keep reading this article. In it, we’ll talk about some of the different factors […]

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Upgrade Your Patio With an Outdoor Fire Pit

brick patio with custom firepit

Patio spaces offer great opportunities for families and friends to share meals, celebrate, or relax throughout the day. When deciding on a patio setup, many people opt to add an outdoor kitchen and dining area. In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of installing a fire pit in your patio, as well as best design […]

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Redesigning Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen area

Outdoor kitchens provide an excellent space for families to spend time outside together. These spaces usually have more features than a typical barbecue grill set and seating area, as they may also incorporate refrigerators, coolers, pizza ovens, counters, islands, and sinks. If you’re working on an outdoor kitchen design for your space, keep reading this […]

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Selecting a Landscaping Company in Michigan

Landscaping and edging

While we all love having a well-maintained landscape, sometimes it’s hard to find the time, energy, and equipment to get the job done. That’s why most homeowners eventually decide to work with a professional landscaping company. If you’re searching for the right landscaping company in Michigan, keep reading this article. We’ll cover what you should […]

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