Retaining Wall

4 Budget-Friendly Retaining Wall Ideas

Landscape design with multiple levels and a stone retaining wall

Building a retaining wall doesn’t have to break the bank. There are numerous budget-friendly options that can add both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your landscape. Whether you’re looking to prevent erosion, manage slopes, or simply enhance your garden, there’s an affordable retaining wall solution for you. Here are four cost-effective retaining wall solutions recommended […]

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Factors to Consider Before Installing an Outdoor Fireplace

outdoor stone fireplace

There’s something hypnotic about an outdoor fireplace—all your problems just seem to disappear just by staring into the flames. For some, a fireplace is a stress reliever. For others, it’s about creating ambiance and improving the value of their home. If you love the idea of having an outdoor fireplace but don’t know where to begin, […]

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What to Consider Before Investing in Landscaping

Landscaping crew laying down grass in backyard

If you haven’t upgraded or maintained your landscaping, it’s time to start. Landscaping will improve the appearance and curb appeal of your home, which can help to increase its market value. Outside of home selling, landscaping design ideas can also add functionality to your space and improve your quality of life. Landscape investments of around […]

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Seasonal Hardscape Maintenance

Hardscape elements add plenty of value to your home, so taking care of them is important. Neglected patios, walkways, and other structures will lose some of their aesthetic from moss, mold, and debris buildup, and personal injury risks increase as brick and stone pavers crack and spall. In this blog post, we’ll highlight essential hardscape […]

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Lighting Your Landscape: A Guide to Outdoor Illumination

Modern Backyard Outdoor LED Lighting Systems

A well-planned outdoor lighting design can transform the panorama of your home or business from mundane to amazing, which is why your landscape lighting scheme is as critical as its indoor counterpart.  Today, you can find nearly unlimited outdoor lighting options. The challenge is discovering which option(s) are right for your landscape.  Keep reading to […]

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Landscape Designs to Impress: How to Stand Out in Your Neighborhood

Single family home with large mowed lawn and beautiful landscaping

A well-manicured, green, and lush lawn isn’t enough for today’s homeowners. More homeowners now want a unique, low-maintenance landscape design that accentuates their style and improves functionality. If you’re looking for ways to improve your existing landscape, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic elements of landscape design. In this article, we’ll cover what […]

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3 Common Challenges With Stone Landscaping

Stone landscaping path in a garden

Stone landscaping offers homeowners a unique aesthetic that feels fresh and natural while solving challenging issues like soil erosion. Stone is also low-maintenance—once installed, it won’t need to be annually pruned or removed like ground cover or mulch.  Although stone can be a great addition to your landscape, installing them can have its challenges.  Challenge […]

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4 Benefits of Hiring Professional Hardscape Contractors

Landscaping worker contractor using plate compactor

Collaborating with experienced hardscape contractors is critical when installing valuable exterior amenities, like an outdoor kitchen, brick fire pit, retaining walls, and water features. Making mistakes during landscaping and hardscaping projects can result in significant financial losses, among other repercussions. Working with a professional can help you avoid costly mistakes while offering several benefits. Read […]

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4 Reasons to Build a Retaining Wall

Natural Stone Retaining Wall in Backyard

Retaining walls are designed to eliminate soil erosion and improve drainage. If you have a wet basement or foundation, notice places where water tends to pond, or if you want to level a sloped yard, you will want to install one. This is especially important because soil erosion and drainage issues can result in structural […]

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