Why Picking Up Fall Leaves Is Important

Fall Leaf Pile

When autumn leaves start to litter the ground, it’s tempting to leave them there. They add colorful flair to your home, creating a striking scene, and usually aren’t harmful to your lawn. There are, however, some instances in which picking up fall leaves is necessary to ensure your yard remains in optimal condition.   Benefits of […]

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Creating Depth by Layering Plants and Hardscape Features

Landscape layering

Creating Depth by Layering Plants and Hardscape Features Creating a beautiful garden is no small task, but it isn’t as tricky as it sounds. Landscape layering, which encourages gardeners to mix and match plants strategically to produce an organic layout, is a simple design principle that helps amateur landscapers achieve their dream scenery. If you’re […]

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Color for All Seasons: Planting for Four-Season Interest

Fall Landscaping House

If you want your garden to really make a statement, consider committing to four-season planting. Though planning for four seasons requires more work, the payoff is a landscape that never looks bare or spotty when the seasons change.   How To Create a Four-Season Garden Choose Regional Favorites  Choosing plants that flourish in your region’s particular […]

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How To Tell When Your Retaining Wall Needs To Be Replaced

retaining wall construction from expanded clay blocks

Retaining walls are some of the best multi-purpose features you can install in your yard. They offer practical benefits, such as maintaining the structural integrity of collapsing or eroding sections of earth and acting as dividers between different parts of your lawn or garden. Despite their sturdy construction, however, retaining walls often develop sustainability issues […]

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Adding a Fire Feature To Your Backyard

Gas fire place with gravel in a square

When the days grow shorter and the nights become cooler, there’s nothing like a cozy gathering by the fire to cure those winter blues. For some, this means retreating indoors to the comfort of a fireplace, but outdoor fire features make it easier for nature-lovers to spend more of the year outside. Why Add a […]

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Best Time of the Year to Redesign your Landscaping

American house with beautiful landscape and vivid flowers

Determining the best time of year to redesign your landscaping is crucial to a successful growing season. Planting at the wrong time can lead to dead plants and dry grass, turning your beautiful green scenery brown. Although many people believe spring is the best time for planting, landscapes thrive when installed during the late summer […]

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How To Enhance Your Property With Landscaping Lighting

Garden illuminated by lamps

Whether you just want to liven up your front yard or you’re ready to put your house on the market, enhancing your curb appeal is a vital first step. In addition to looking good, a beautiful front yard can bring in more potential buyers and even increase the value of your home. Though there are […]

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Buyers Guide: Choosing the Right Gravel and Landscaping Rock

landscaping rock walkway

When choosing gravel or rock for your landscaping, it’s hard to know which option will do the job you want it to while looking the best for the longest amount of time. How can you tell which gravel or landscaping rock will work with your plants or with your kids and pets? Most importantly, how […]

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Landscaping With Natural Stone

natural stone steps

When redesigning your outdoor oasis, natural stone can be a beautiful option that lasts for years to come. Taking advantage of the great variation in the material, our professional landscapers use different kinds and cuts of natural stones for a variety of creative outdoor design projects.  Steps One way to make natural stone a focal […]

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Buyers Guide: Evaluating Mulch Options

Buyers Guide Evaluating Mulch Options

Because of the changing seasons, landscaping can feel like never-ending work in Michigan. Mulch is a common denominator during all the preparations you might make throughout each season. So, how do you know which one to buy and how to use it? You’ll find the answers to everything you need in our buyers’ guide: evaluating […]

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