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Your landscaping can have a big impact on your home’s curb appeal and value. Landscape maintenance is an important part of making sure your lawn or yard always looks its best. With landscape trends changing all the time, this gives you a great way to update your landscaping on a regular basis while keeping it in good condition. 

Why Landscaping Maintenance Is Important

Landscaping requires maintenance from time to time to keep your plants healthy. Without regular landscape maintenance, your lawn can become overrun with weeds, which can negatively affect its appearance. Diseases and pest infestations can also occur and destroy plants and flowers that are part of your landscaping. 

Shrubs, bushes, trees, and other plants need to be pruned and trimmed on a regular basis so that dead or diseased branches can be removed. Pruning and trimming also prevent these plants from becoming unsightly and overgrown. Landscaping maintenance also eliminates debris that can make it hard for plants to get the nutrients they need in order to thrive. Clearing away debris helps plants stay in good health and less likely to develop diseases. Regular maintenance is important for preventing pests from damaging or destroying landscape plants as well. 

Landscaping Changes That Increase Home Value

Making changes to your landscaping can boost your home value. You can approach this in different ways depending on how you want your lawn to look. While the exact changes you make can vary, there are some general tips that can help you improve your home’s value through updated landscaping. 

Having your landscaping complement the style of your house can go a long way toward raising your home value. An older home or one with a classic look can have formal gardens, which add a touch of elegance and a vintage style. Contemporary homes with a more modern look usually pair better with landscaping that has a more contoured or streamlined look rather than a more lush look. 

Adding trees and planting flowers for different seasons can also have a positive impact on your home value. Having different seasonal flowers helps ensure that your landscaping will have an eye-catching appearance throughout the year. Having more trees provides more shade and helps keep the air cleaner. 

Landscaping Trends Are Always Changing

Landscape trends change often, which gives you a good opportunity to try different styles or create a fresh look. Whether you focus on one trend or blend a few into your landscape design, you’ll find plenty to choose from each year. For example, 2021 trends range from pollinator gardens and xeriscaping to vertical gardens and ornate landscaping touches. Other current trends include creating secluded spaces, adding potted plants, and setting up outdoor living areas. 

The trends that work best for your lawn will depend on different factors, such as how much space you have to work with, what style of house you have, and what kind of look you’re aiming for. Landscape architects can keep you updated on the latest trends and help you incorporate these into your landscaping. 

Design One for Your Landscaping Maintenance

When your landscaping needs maintenance or an updated look, Design One is here to help. Our landscape architects offer expert landscape designs for homeowners throughout Oakland County, as well as routine maintenance to keep your lawn looking its best.

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