Landscaping Return on Investment

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As homeowners, you should always consider which home improvement projects will bring about the best return on your investment when the home is sold. Landscaping is a huge part of a home’s aesthetic appeal, especially since it is the very first thing visitors will experience. A healthy and vibrant landscape should be balanced to fit the architectural style and the size of the property.

When it comes to landscaping return on investment, expect up to $15,000 of added value to the home’s selling price – depending on the scope and scale of the landscaping project.

Why Should Homeowners Care About Landscaping?

Landscaping is not only for beautification of a property, it is also an important part of the property’s drainage system. A poorly designed landscape can negatively impact the home’s foundation, lower level walls and floors, exterior paved surfaces, and your lawn’s health.

Landscaping that is dull or installed haphazardly and without intention can cause prospective buyers to think about how they must undo or redo the landscape. To get the best landscaping ROI, you should consult with landscaping design experts that know how to create a cohesive and well-balanced landscape.

A landscape designer can help you plan a landscape that includes native species for the lowest maintenance, carve out room for entertaining or children’s play – no matter the size of your yard is, and make sure that all elements come together to increase your landscaping return on investment.

Types of Landscaping Elements that Add Value

There are many landscaping elements that attract prospective homebuyers and add value to the home’s selling price. Consider outdoor elements that take advantage of color, texture and symmetry – while keeping the property maintenance low and guest comfort high.

Here are 3 simple landscaping elements that can bring a good landscaping ROI – shade or blooming trees, a patio or deck, and a fire pit for evening enjoyment.


Properly placed trees can increase your property value by at least 7%, while mature trees in high-income neighborhoods command on average a 10-15% price according to Homes and Gardens. The goal of your tree selections is to add beauty, shade, and privacy using healthy, mature trees.

You can be creative with your tree selections, adding a few blooming trees at the home’s front and fruit-bearing trees near the back edges of the landscape. If you have the space, you can’t with a mini orchard. Also, the placement of your trees should be considered. A landscape designer can help you avoid a home that is too dark due to trees that are blocking the natural light.


Convert your outdoor space into an extension of your home’s interior by adding a patio or deck for entertaining and outdoor meals. A landscaped patio includes not only outdoor furnishings, but also plants that create a seamless transition from patio to yard.

Your back patio can become a sanctuary with comfy seating, a fountain or water pond, soft lighting, and oversized patio planters. Other popular patio ideas include a covered portion such as a patio trellis to support climbing plants or vines.

Fire Pit

A fire pit not only brings a landscaping ROI, it also adds warmth and comfort to your outdoor living spaces. Nothing is more cozy than relaxing around a fire, and a fire pit takes much of the hard work out of building, maintaining, and extinguishing a backyard fire.

Wood burning fire pits invoke a campfire atmosphere, while a propane gas fire pit is low maintenance and a very convenient way to quickly enjoy a bonfire pit gathering. Also, consider an outdoor fire table that can be incorporated into seating areas and add a very modern look to your landscape.

How Much Value Does Landscaping Add to Your home?

How much value you receive from your landscaping depends on how much you have invested. For example, a $20,000 landscaping investment can get the sellers $200,000 more than they had paid for the house. The landscaping ROI numbers range from a return of a 100 percent to 1,000 percent ROI – depending on the geographical area and the scale of the project.

Here are some low-cost and stylish landscaping elements that can add beauty, function, and value to outdoor spaces:

  • Shade trees and bushes help keep homes cooler during summer.
  • Hedges around the home help insulate against cold and wind.
  • Low-maintenance perennial flowers and ornamental grasses add visual excitement.
  • Patios and decks add usable living space to the home’s square footage.
  • Stone paths, fire pits, and water features add function and beauty to outdoor spaces.

It is always best to avoid extensive, highly-involved landscaping that can be viewed as a negative by buyers who are concerned about the extra maintenance cost and extra work involved.

Design One for Your Landscaping Design

For over 30 years, Design One has been serving Michigan’s residential and commercial landscaping needs including lawn maintenance, landscape design, and accent features like brick and stone work. We help our clients keep up with the latest trends in landscaping to accentuate visual appeal and drainage patterns.

Our landscape architects work with you from the initial on-site evaluation to the final 3D video master plan of your new landscape. We prioritize the features that will bring the best landscaping return on investment while also considering the property’s current layout, sunlight and shade opportunities, and soil conditions.

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