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Beautify Your Yard With Mulch

When you’re doing landscape design on your property, your highest priority is going to be your plants. You’ll need to decide the types of plants, the quantity, the color scheme and the layout. Unfortunately, plants take some time to come to full maturity. Often the vision you have for your design won’t come to fruition for a year or two. How do you make your landscape look beautiful in the meantime? With thoughtful planning, careful mulch installation can fill in the gaps in your design. We at Design One Inc. are ready to help you realize your vision.

What Is Mulch?

Mulch can be a wide variety of substances but essentially it is a layer of material that sits on you landscaping above the soil. Its functional purpose is to promote healthy soil by holding in moisture. Also, mulch is good at suppressing weed growth which can steal nutrients from other plants. In addition to its functional purpose, mulch also serves an aesthetic function. Mulch can be used to alter the color scheme and profile of your garden. You or your landscaping company can achieve fantastic designs and patterns using mulch to complement your plants.

What Are the Benefits of Mulch?

Mulch is a multi-function material and serves a variety of purposes. Some of the primary benefits of mulch are:

  • It prevents soil erosion from heavy rainfalls
  • It reduces water runoff which allows your plants to absorb more moisture
  • When there is a heavy downpour of rain, the soil can be compacted. Compaction prevents water absorption by plants. Mulch prevents compaction of the soil
  • It insulates the soil. In the winter it keeps the soil warmer, and in the summer, it keeps the soil cooler. This temperature regulation is good for your plants
  • Due to the shade it supplies to the soil, it is good at preventing weed growth

What Types of Mulch Are There?

The two main types of mulch available are organic and inorganic mulch. Organic mulches will decay and break down over time. As they decompose, they feed nutrients into the soil which improves the soil as a growth medium. Inorganic mulches do not break down. They are used as a more permanent solution and serve an aesthetic purpose in your landscape design.

For organic mulches, there are several common varieties available. Hardwood mulch is the least expensive you can find. Unfortunately, it turns gray quickly after installation, it only lasts two years and it is a nesting ground for termites. Bark mulch is a great choice as it looks amazing and lasts up to seven years. On the downside, since it is so light, it can be easily moved by rain and wind. Hemlock mulch is very similar to hardwood mulch, but it is great at keeping bugs away from your plants. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long and is a magnet for termites.

For inorganic mulches, you have a wide variety to choose from. Gravel mulch is a good choice. You can find it in many different colors which helps you plan your landscape design. As it is heavy, you will want a mulch installation service to deliver and install it for you. Another good choice is lava rock mulch. This material is great at keeping in heat and moisture. It is pretty light, though, and is prone to movement. An ecological choice is rubber mulch. It uses recycled rubber and keeps in moisture and heat, slows weed growth and lasts up to 10 years. Since it’s rubber, though, it does contain some chemicals.

Enlist the Aid of a Professional

As you begin on the journey of transforming your landscape, Design One Inc. is here to help you. Call us at (888) 791-9613 to talk to one of our landscaping experts. Alternatively, you can contact us through our website to request a quote. We are ready to help you realize your landscaping dreams.

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