Landscape Design Ideas for Sloped Yards

stone and boulder landscaping

Landscaping on a slope can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Soil erosion and even the difficulty of traversing the area must be taken into account when choosing and installing plants, hardscaping, and other features.

In this article, we’ll cover the three best landscape design ideas for sloped yards and how you can bring these ideas to life.

Install Retaining Walls

retaining wall construction from expanded clay blocks

retaining wall construction from expanded clay blocks

Retaining walls are mostly used to hold back soil, in order to prevent erosion, and to create more usable space. The size and strength of the retaining wall depends on how much earth is being contained by it. Your landscape designer may recommend hiring an engineer to design your retaining wall, depending on the size.

In addition to preventing erosion, retaining walls also provide aesthetic value! A landscaping expert can even design a retaining wall to blend in with your existing landscaping elements, or to be the focal point of your yard.

Build Stone & Wood Terraces

Stone terraces with plants and shrubbery on a slope

Natural stone landscaping in home garden

Like retaining walls, stone and wood terraces are designed to prevent soil erosion. They can also be beautiful spaces for planting flowers and shrubs.

Your landscape design expert can help you decide which material (stone or wood) is best based on your personal preferences and the general aesthetic of your backyard. A good landscaper can also help you design pathways and other hardscaping features to dress up the terraced space and improve its functionality.

Create a Garden

Patio furniture on a concrete patio with spring flowers in bloom

Backyard slope garden

Soil erosion happens over time when dirt is exposed to wind and water. The threat of erosion is greatest when the soil is exposed without protection from plants. Some homeowners simply install ivy or another fast-growing, deeply rooted plant in their yard to prevent this from happening. However, there are many more interesting and creative ways to prevent erosion.

You can prevent erosion by installing a variety of lovely plants, provided that they spread and grow easily. Talk to your landscaper to get more information about which plants are best for your sloped garden. Your landscaper can tell you which plants are most suitable for your property.

Why Is Preventing Erosion Important?

Erosion can cause a variety of problems. Over time, it causes the healthy, nutrient-rich topsoil near the surface to wash away, leaving less workable soil underneath.

Erosion also causes soil to become unstable over time. Uncontrolled erosion can change the shape of your yard, which can even lead to foundation issues.

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When it comes to landscaping on a slope, it’s best to turn to experienced professionals. Our team at Design One has been helping homeowners and businesses in Michigan for over 30 years. We specialize in creating landscape designs for all types of yards.

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