Top 3 Factors to Consider Before Installing Water Features in Your Backyard

Waterfall and stone creek water feature

From serene bubblers to attractive ponds, water features can improve any backyard landscaping design. Water features can add value to your home or commercial property, improve air quality, reduce noise pollution, and create a beautiful, relaxing environment. But, just like any landscaping project, you need to plan ahead.

If you’re thinking about installing a water feature in your backyard, you’ll need to consider three major factors.

1. Location

The location you choose for your water feature will impact installation time, maintenance requirements, and aesthetics. When choosing a location, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is the water feature meant to be a focal point of your backyard, or is it meant to blend into the landscaping?
  2. Would you like the water feature to be in view of your home, so you can see it from indoors? If it’s not important to see your water feature from your home, where will you spend time enjoying it? Do you need space for a bench or a seat?
  3. What kind of equipment will you need to maintain your water feature? If you need a hose hookup to maintain your water feature, you may want to put your water feature near your home’s spigot. Additionally, you may need a landscaper to install a special spigot.

2. Installation Process

Although you could potentially install backyard water features yourself, this type of project usually requires specialty tools and skills to make the installation a success. For example, installing a pond may sound simple, but it requires expertise to ensure that the pond is attractive and sustainable over a long period. If you plan to install your water feature yourself, there are a variety of water feature kits that are available for sale at home improvement centers and landscaping stores.

The easiest way to ensure that your water feature will be a success is to hire a professional. When you’re researching landscapers, consider their years of experience and previous projects they’ve completed. They should have an online gallery or portfolio that you can browse through. Be sure to also ask for references.

Ultimately, whatever you decide to do, the most important thing you can do is plan ahead. If opting for a DIY installation, be sure you know proper installation steps and that you have the right tools; if you’re hiring a professional, make sure you understand the full scope of the project and your unique requirements.

3. Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance requirements for backyard water features vary depending on construction and functionality. However, there are some requirements that are similar across all water features. These include:

  • Skimming Leaves Weekly
  • Scrubbing Away Algae Build-up
  • Inspecting Pumps Every Month
  • Winterizing as Needed

If you have a pond, you should also test the water weekly, especially if your pond features living animals or plants.

Are You Interested in Adding a Water Feature in Your Backyard?

When you need a backyard water feature, you need Design One. We’ve been helping homeowners and businesses in Michigan for over three decades. Whether you’re thinking about installing a pond, water fountain, or water garden, our expert team is ready to help you create a backyard that you’ll love.

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