Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

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The benefits of fertilizing your lawn.

Lawn fertilization has three main elements; nitrogen, phosphate and potash (potassium), on the outside of fertilizer bags, there are three numbers. For example, a bag with 15-15-15 on the outside means that the fertilizer mix has equal percentages of each. Nitrogen is the element that gives the lush green color in your lawn and probably the most important thing for a customer. Phosphate will encourage root growth in the lawn. However, in a lot of states, counties and cities. Phosphorus has been removed to lower the level of harmful algae in waterways such as ponds, lakes and streams. Potash in fertilizer encourages the development of the root system.

How can Turf One help you?

At Turf One we offer several options to help customers with their lawn. But, the best step for customers is our 6 step program.

Step 1: Spring Starter

We use a low nitrogen fertilizer with pre-emergent control. With proper irrigation and cultural practices, this will prevent crabgrass from germinating in the spring.

Step 2: Spring Rejuvenator

With spring rain comes spring flowers… and weeds. The second application for the year we use a balanced fertilizer and begin using weed control to stop the never ending incursion of weeds.

Step 3: Early Summer

Early Summer application has a balanced granular fertilizer and we will spot treat only if conditions are meet were the last application was able to get control of weeds. If not we will do a blanket spray to continue the control of weeds in the lawn. This application all depends on what mother nature has in store for us this time of the year. If you order a Grub Control with your program, this is also the time when we begin applying our preventative application for grubs.

Step 4: Late Summer

Late into summer we begin seeing a lot of negative affects on the lawn due to weather. When the heat rolls in, your lawn will use extra nutrients to compensate for the lack of water and dry conditions. Causing the lawn to use extra nitrogen to maintain color. However, with this application we restore those nutrients back into the lawn with “slow release” blend of fertilizer. To help make up for the food it is burning through, without putting added stress on the lawn. Plus, spot treat weed control against any weeds that may take advantage of a lawn that is not being watered properly. Remember it doesn’t matter the time of year, water is very very important for a lawn. Please, make sure to water. Another problem that can be seen in these conditions are insects trying to feed on the lawn causing more stress. Turf One, will monitor the lawn to notify you of any problems in the lawn and what steps to take to prevent damage.

Step 5: Fall

Fall is a time of relief for the lawn. The weather begins getting cooler and in most cases the rain starts to pick up again. But, with the positives that come to the lawn there is one major thing to look out for… weeds. Weeds love this time of the year. Because, this is there chance to come back and choke out grass before winter to get a better foot hold on the lawn. In a lot of ways this is the worst time of year for these pests. perfect conditions like spring and if the lawn has not been treated properly earlier in the season they can take over a lawn in no time at all. With this application we focus on giving back nutrients that the lawn needs to develop a hardy roots system to fight back and the use of weed control to stop the new incursion of pests into the lawn.

Step 6: Turf Winterizer

The season is coming to a close and the lawn needs to be prepared for the winter. With our winterizer application we give the lawn the necessary nutrients that it will need to bolster strength for the winter. This is also the last chance to eradicate any stubborn weeds in the lawn.

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