Why You Should Hire a Lawn Care Professional

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For busy individuals, lawn maintenance is likely at the bottom of their list of to-dos. However, when yard work is pushed off repeatedly, it only ends up taking more time and is more difficult than it could have been if done earlier. The workaround for dreaded landscaping tasks is to hire a company to do the work for you. Design One Inc. is more than a lawn mowing service, they are a full-scale landscaping company, and while your initial thought may be that hiring someone is too expensive, think of the many benefits that come with that service.

Efficiency and Timeliness

The most significant aspect of hiring a company to take care of your yard for you is the level of efficiency and timeliness received. You hire the business to come out on a schedule that works for you, and most often you don’t even have to be home when they arrive. Meaning that you can schedule them to come while you’re at work and by the time you come home your yard is beautifully manicured. Additionally, since you no longer have to worry about maintaining your grass, you can focus on doing other things with your free time.

Expertise and Certification

Also, landscaping services will likely take better care of your landscaping than you ever could because they are trained and many of them are certified. Like any other profession, landscapers go through coursework and in many states must be licensed, insured and regulated in order to operate a business. Therefore, while you may have worried about putting chemicals on your grass or cutting down that plant you think may be a weed, landscapers will not hesitate to do what is best for the health and maintenance of your yard, and you can rest assured that they know what they are doing.

Cost Effective

When deciding to hire a lawn care company, there is no doubt that cost factored into your previous thinking. However, while the service may seem expensive initially, you should consider the fact that you no longer have to pay for the upkeep of maintenance equipment, purchase chemicals and fertilizers, find storage solutions for equipment and waste or perform the task yourself. Beyond everything, the ability to use your own time more efficiently can equate to personal and financial gains which may be worth the fiscal adjustment. Hiring a landscape company may be temporarily uncomfortable financially, but you will likely find a balance. The potential benefits of such a service allow for freedom that may end up being worth the sacrifice of some weekly takeout and other splurges.

Reduced Liabilities

As with any DIY home maintenance, you run the risk of damaging your property. Therefore, if you want to eliminate crabgrass and weeds coming up through your otherwise beautiful lawn by using a random weed killer, the results of that product use are your responsibility. Consequently, if the weed killer ends up killing large patches of your lawn, you have to pay for the restoration. However, when you hire a lawn care company with the appropriate insurance, liability transfers to them, but be sure to read any agreements and contracts to ensure you are protected. Their insurance also protects you against injury, meaning that if a worker hurts themselves on your property, you are not responsible.

Lawn care is a significant part of homeownership, and it is one that is both costly and time-consuming. Lawn maintenance companies are better equipped to care for your property because of their training and certifications. Therefore, hiring a professional service to take care of your landscaping obligations may be beneficial. If you are interested in hiring a lawn care service, then contact Design One Inc. at (888) 791-9613.

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