Stonework & Water Feature Ideas for Your Garden

An artificial waterfall running into a pond

Specially designed stonework and water features are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also incredibly functional. Some benefits of adding hardscaping or water features include eliminating grading or pooling water, increasing privacy, and reducing the amount of lawn maintenance needed. 

In this article, we’ll cover various types of stonework and water features you could add to your garden or other outdoor space. 

Adding Stonework to Your Garden

There are a number of stonework elements you could add to your garden or yard, each with their own specific purpose. 

Steps & Walkways

Stone slabs being placed outdoors

Stone steps are extremely durable and allow people to easily move to different levels of your yard space. They are practical for homes that are on large slopes or hills. In addition to steps, stone walkways are also a functional hardscaping element that’s designed to provide a clear walking path for you and your guests. A well-designed walkway can help keep footwear dry and clean while also protecting the lawn and plants from foot traffic. Walkways are recommended for areas that receive high foot traffic or for homeowners that want a more even and safer walking path.


Just like all hardscaping and landscaping elements, boulders also have both an aesthetic and functional purpose. Boulders can complement or highlight other features in your garden or landscape, but can also be used to level out low spots or to cover up dangerous holes. 

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are often used for sloped gardens where the earth could shift due to heavy rain and/or flooding. The wall provides support to prevent soil movement, keeping different levels of the garden in place. They can also be custom-designed to complement features of your home, and can be made from stone, brick, or concrete. 

The Best Water Features for Your Garden

Water feature with stone accents

Like stonework elements, water features can offer numerous benefits to garden spaces. They not only provide water to plants and wildlife, but can also make your space more tranquil and peaceful. 

Some of the most popular water features for gardens include:

  • Water Fountains: Water fountains work well because they come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all types of spaces. The fountains can be standalone or wall-mounted and are normally easy to install.
  • Pond With Natural Stone Elements: Ponds are their own ecosystem. Although it’s a bit more work compared to a water fountain, ponds are actually fairly easy to maintain. They are an excellent solution for homeowners who want to view more wildlife, but not a great option for those looking to avoid it. 
  • Tiered Waterfall With Stonework: Waterfalls are a must for any homeowner with a pond, as it can help increase the water circulation and oxygenation. However, if you don’t have a pond and are looking for a more convenient waterfall option, opt for a tiered one. It creates a visually appealing backdrop to any garden. Additionally, if you live in a high-noise area, a waterfall can add an element of relaxation to your space. 
  • Natural Water Features With Rock Edging: You may already have a place where water constantly pools or flows down in a tiny stream into your garden. Instead of removing the water, you can add rock edging to highlight these features. 

If you want to learn more about outdoor water features, or want to consider before installing one into your space, please read this blog post.

Enhance Your Garden With Help From Design One

No garden is the same, which is why you need to take the time to find hardscaping and landscaping elements that best suit your existing landscape, space, and budget. If you have questions about stonework, outdoor water features, or other hardscaping features, get in touch with Design One. 

Founded over 30 years ago, we’re a commercial and residential landscaping company specializing in landscape design services. We can help you design and install a wide array of features from water fountains to stone walkways to beautiful retaining walls. Contact us today with your questions or to request a free project consultation.

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